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What Would Adrian Peterson Know About Being A Slave?

Tuesday, December 25th 2012. | World News

SIS/Privileged Peterson, Prince, Curt Flood disgrace ancestors’ suffering

Dwight Hobbes

MN Spokesman-Recorder

Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson sustains America’s history of extraordinarily privileged black men with no regard for their forebears’ suffering.

He joins egomaniacal entertainer Prince and former St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder Curt Flood to insult the memory of Africans who suffered slavery’s cruelty. Peterson’s reckless, self-serving tripe claiming wealthy football players’ lot, esconced in luxurious, gated communities on more money than they’ll live long is comparable to forced bondage by which, among other atrocities, families were ripped torn apart, limbs were lopped off to stop runaways and women were raped at will is an abysmal affront to their own African American ancestors. This exactly what Prince did with his self-righteous belly-aching that Warner Bros. Records, which signed him to a $ 100,000,000 deal (if that’s slave wages, sign me up) and expected him to be accountable for the quality of the product he delivered, treated the pampered narcissist like a slave. What on earth would this spoiled, middle-class spawned egotist know about servitude at all, much less treated like a beast of burden, no less chattel than livestock? He even had the gall to go on television at the American Music Awards with “slave” scrawled on his forehead. It is what Flood did, earning $ 90,000 a summer and grousing that, because he had to abide by a lucrative contract no one put a gun to his head to sign, he was oppressed. It can at least be said to Curt Flood’s credit that, asinine though his comparison to slavery was, he stuck to his guns, didn’t show up for work in 1970, sat the season out and the next year, rather than give in on his fight to be employed where saw fit, quit the came of baseball.

Peterson has not the first idea what even mere hardship is, let alone the brutal misery of subsisting in a dirt-floor shack on pig guts and other slop, wearing rags and being whipped worse than a dog if he so much as behaved like a self-respecting man. He doesn’t desperately hunger for freedom. He arrogantly expects to have his behind kissed.

Pro footballers are pissed off about the owners instituting a lockout to reign in outlandish salaries to which Peterson and others feel absolutely entitled. This is not to say a single owner is in any danger of ending up in the poor house.  Fans who pay exorbitant ticket prices actually have the most at stake.  Bottom line, it’s a labor dispute between employers and employees.  One that has not gone the way employees wanted.  Not by a long shot. Fine, Peterson. Be pissed off. Sit in your Jacuzzi or your Jaguar and talk to your accountant about what kind of financial shape you’ll be in if you don’t earn yet another annual ten million dollars or so this year. That is idiotic enough. That is being greedy enough. Do not, especially in front of black youth who look up to you as some of hero, unconscionably trash the history of tragic anguish that characterized countless lives before you came strutting along into insulated celebrity. Do not slur the sensibilities of African Americans who have enough decency and common sense of honor their predecessors. Do not, in fact, disgrace yourself with such blatantly bogus posturing. Get in the real word. And, then, apologize.

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